IAAPA 2018 Hosts VR Studios, eSports, and Location-Based Entertainment

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018 is celebrating their 100 year anniversary with a conference on November 12th to the 16th and a trade show going from November 13th to the 16th. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) will take place in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios.


Guests will have lots of Virtual Reality (VR) innovations to see, and of course, demo some cutting-edge technologies while they’re there.


Virtuix Omni (Booth #2854), a leading VR moving platform company revealed to VR Fitness Insider that they would be attending IAAPA. Guests that attend and sign up to demo their slick plate motion platform can also sign up to take part in their global eSports tournament.


For the tournament, 2 players face-off against another 2-person team in the FPS game “Omni Arena” (Metropolis level). Equally important, guests have a chance to walk away with $2,000 and other prizes.


“Omniverse ESPORTS is exactly what our guests want,” says Chad Modad, owner of Omniverse VR, a VR arcade in Houston, Texas. “Competitive gaming gives our guests a reason to come back and play every week. They keep going until they beat the top score. And the prize money is a big motivator too!”

MR-BOX and Five for Co. – Become a Virtual Ninja!


Guests of IAAPA 2018 will have an opportunity to demo VR Ninja Dojo ahead of their February 2019 premiere in Kanda, Tokyo. Five for Co. and MR-BOX (Booth #E7501) will let attendees practice becoming a virtual ninja and look like one too!


Notably, there will be performances by ninja masters and gameplay that teaches players how to be a ninja. Most importantly, players earn their full ninja status with a battle of skill against monsters.


Five for Co., VR Ninja Dojo’s studio states that, “Visitors will dress in ninja costumes, and then begin their experience with VR training under a ninja master, learning swordplay, shuriken (ninja stars), martial arts techniques, and ninjutsu (mystical ninja techniques).”

Exit Reality and Neurogaming – Location-Based Entertainment


Exit Reality and Neurogaming have a location-based entertainment (LBE) partnership that brings VR technology and content together in one package called PlayVR.


The duo are showing The X Arc at IAAPA (Booth #E7135) where attendees can play VR games in a 17×17 foot play area with up to 4 other players. The X Arc has multiplayer VR games like Alpha CentaVR and RevolVR on their platform.


Yoni Koenig, co-founder of Exit Reality told Reality Technologies, “It’s the ideal solution for FECs, amusement parks [and for those] who want to get the most out of virtual reality.” And that “The X Arc is our flagship product, a culmination of our goal to provide the best physical infrastructure, digital distribution channel, and services to create a thriving VR LBE business for our customers.”

Want Tickets to IAAPA 2018?

Head over to the IAAPA 2018 registration link to get tickets! You won’t want to miss this tech and VR event because Barenaked Ladies, the Canadian rock band, will also be performing.