The Impact of Theme Parks in the Tourism Industry

A theme park is an amusement park with a theme. Can you think of a famous theme park?

One famous theme park that you might be familiar with is Disney World. This famous theme park, located in Orlando, FL, is based on all the Disney characters and movies. Disney World is a stand-alone destination, meaning people will come from all over the world just to visit the theme park. Because this theme park is so big and popular, it brings in additional business to the Orlando, FL, area while also providing more jobs to locals.

Visitors to Disney World will most likely check out the surrounding area, dine in local restaurants, and peruse local shops, bringing an economic boost to the area. This is just one example of the many benefits a thriving theme park can bring to a community.

Economic Impact

As mentioned already, theme parks have a positive economic impact. Visitors to the theme parks will increase the economy of the area as they explore the local city. Also, theme parks themselves create many additional jobs for locals.

For example, Universal Parks & Resorts is building a new theme park in China, planned for 2019. 10,000 employees will be needed for the first phase of the construction alone. That's a lot of new jobs for the area. The company estimates it will spend $8 billion in costs for this first phase as well.

How many visitors will this new theme park bring to the area? The company projects the new park will bring in 12 million tourists every year when it opens in 2020.

Just think of what else all these 12 million tourists will need during their stay. They'll need lodging, food, and probably other activities, too. They'll shop for gifts for family and friends back home and purchase souvenirs for themselves as well. All these tourists will benefit many types of local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, street food vendors, clothing stores, gift shops, and other local stores.

Community Impact

Another benefit that theme parks bring is that of a positive community impact. Theme parks attract visitors from around the world, resulting in people from different backgrounds getting together and learning about each other. These interactions teach tolerance by not only exposing locals to foreign customs and cultures but also educating tourists on the prevailing culture in the areas they're visiting.